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Sharks (4-14 years)
Locations: Thorney Leys Park and West Witney Primary School

Age: 4-14 years
Numbers: Thorney Leys Park (max 32 children) West Witney (max 32 children)
Ratio of staff: 1:8

To complement the nursery provision we also provide a take to school service, as well as after school holiday clubs for 4 – 14 year olds. We use our people carriers to enable us to collect children from many Witney based schools and to enjoy a variety of outings during school holidays.

We have a friendly team of dedicated and qualified staff, carefully chosen for their professional and personal qualities. We offer places before school and after school and bring them back to the clubs after school in the people carriers. During school holidays you are responsible for bringing your children to the clubs and collecting them.

We provide a warm, friendly and stimulating environment, a place especially for 5 – 14 year olds. During the term time we encourage children to develop skills already being taught at schools. Children enjoy arts and crafts, reading, games, and computers with educational and fun software. If children have homework we ensure time is set aside after school to work without distraction and we are there to offer help if they need it. If parents prefer the homework to be done at home, the children can participate in the various activities available.

The out of school scheme is designed to offer a fun and relaxed environment, giving you peace of mind with the knowledge that your children are being safely cared for whilst you are able to continue working. We encourage children to express themselves as individuals and we work closely with you to make their time spent in our out-of-school clubs a rewarding and happy experience.

During the school holidays we aim to make children’s clubs as enjoyable as possible; we send out an itinerary of holiday activities in advance.  Through all their experiences they are continually learning and exploring. They have day trips and visits to the local park, to participate in ball games and parachute games and great fun. Team sports are highly featured; creative topics and simple cookery are also incorporated into the holiday timetable.

A wide variety of other activities are also available. These comprise of learning games, educational computers, reading books, arts and crafts, leisure games, physical education equipment and musical instruments. The activities provide opportunities for children to develop their creativity, to express themselves and promote social interaction. Children are encouraged to respect one another.

The clubs are self-contained and located on the first floor of the nursery, with secure entrance, garden and private car parking spaces.  The premises are built to very high standard. We are superbly situated in a private business park.

The separate clubs enables us to provide activities that complement the age of your child. Children have many opportunities to widen their understanding and enhance their development enjoying many different experiences in a friendly environment with qualified staff.

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