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 Rainbow Room (0-2 years)
 Age: Birth – 2 years (approx)
 Numbers: Maximum 16 children
 Ratio of staff: 1:3

Rainbow Room is for our youngest children at Little Treasures Academy. Rainbow room provides equipment and resources specifically for 0-2 year olds. As well as giving our babies lots of attention and cuddles, we provide a warm, fun and stimulating environment, a place where your little treasures can explore and develop whilst feeling safe and secure. We offer encouragement all the way through their important stages of development.

Babies sleep in the adjoining room, always supervised by a member of staff. We listen to you, the parents, and work closely with you to provide all the care and attention that your little ones need. Rainbow Room (baby room) adopts a ‘no shoe’ policy as the floors are where the children, sit, play, lay down and crawl.

Visits and settling sessions are made before starting so that parent and child are fully settled when they join Little Treasures Academy. If you have an established routine at home, this is continued at the nursery until you and the child are happy and ready to adapt to the nursery routine. This enables us to work in partnership with your little ones needs. A record of the children's daily routine is also kept by us.

Children begin to enjoy more structure to their day as they actively participate in the varied activities. Our well-equipped room places consideration towards each developing baby, allowing them the freedom to grow and explore with increasing confidence. Each day Rainbow room is set out with various toys. They all stimulate the children's sensory explorations. The children also have the opportunity to join in various activities, e.g. sand, pasta, water play, mud, paint and art work, play dough, cooking etc., all under close supervision. Children are taken out to play in the garden area or for walks in the buggies.

Sleeping and nappy changing routine

Children sleep in cots, mattresses or rockers in the adjoining room under the supervision of a member of staff. Each child has their own sheet and blanket. Children bring their own nappies and wipes.


For the younger babies parents bring in bottles of milk and food which are clearly labelled with the baby's name until they are ready to eat nursery lunches (around 11-12 months). The milk bottles and food are kept in the fridge until feed time. The older babies have snacks, lunch and high tea provided by us. All utensils are sterilised for our younger babies.

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